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Our experience working in thirty-one Texas school districts helps us know how to complete the after school/school day learning connection. We know each child is unique and so our goal is to meet the learning needs of each individual child.

Our school tutoring program offers a blend of electronic and paper-based activities. Offering both types of instruction has been very successful in our school programs.

Our writing workshop themes range from poetry to essays. Our student-friendly TEKS-aligned writing activities keep students engaged. In breakout sessions we cover vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. The creative writing activities are designed to motivate students to improve their writing skills. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to get their poetry and essays published in

Our reading activities cover stories and grade-level non-fiction articles. Questionnaires are administered to check reading comprehension. TEKS-based learning packets include an extensive study of literary elements.

Our math activities troubleshoot the weak math comprehension areas of each student. The purpose of our math activities is to help students understand concepts clearly and gain greater proficiency. Skill drills and step-by-step instruction cover a wide array of strategies and solutions to learning difficulties.

In our Read, Write, & Create Art! program, students discover and implement art concepts based on the works of world-famous artists. Find out more!

Read, Write, and Create, Inc. is a highly-experienced school service provider with a track record of student success.