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People who live in their own homes are safer and have more privacy than people who live in apartments. A family has more room to grow and enjoy life in their own home. You have greater freedom to work, play and study in your own home than in a small apartment. Owning a home is an investment to stabilize and grow family finances.

Most of us dream about buying a home of our own sometime in our lives. It is a dream that can become a reality with the right information and the right decisions. You can get the right facts for yourself by joining us at one of our free homebuyer workshops.

Millions of people in Texas buy homes every year by following a step-by-step program. This process was designed by the Texas Real Estate Commission to protect homebuyers to make sure their home purchase is safe and legal.

Quality homebuyer education is the way you find out how to navigate through the process of buying a home. There are federal and state laws to protect all buyers of real estate. Planning your homebuying project with vital knowledge of the process will help you when you are ready to purchase your home.

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