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“As the coordinator for the after school program at Purple Sage Elementary, it is my job to find service providers who enrich, inspire, and educate the students. Third, fourth, and fifth grade students attend Read, Write, & Create classes filled with enthusiasm and excitement. They get to take what they learned in Language Arts classes and apply it to their creative essays. Using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and writing starters, students are taken through the six traits of the writing process to develop a composition and/or poem – lessons that are easily applied during the ‘regular’ school day. Teachers and students have seen the value and connection of their learning, including the use of technology which is so important for our students at this time. I see the connections between TEKS and TAKS and highly recommend this program to be implemented into any after school design.” --Jennifer Pali, M. Ed. Instructional Project Specialist Purple Sage Elementary

“As a 21st Century after school program coordinator, I greatly value the services that Read, Write and Create offers.  Not only are our children presented with TEKS aligned writing activities, they are also exposed to current technology and they have fun.  It is very reassuring to know the RWC teacher will be here on time and prepared to spend a fun and educational hour with the students.  I definitely recommend them to anyone interested in offering after school activities.”  --Michelle Pennington Project Specialist 21st Century CLC Havard Elementary

"The Read, Write, & Create program at Sharpstown Middle provides a valuable component in our 21st Century CLC. The students really enjoy attending the class. There are no moans and groans, even though the TAKS and Project Clear are incorporated in the class. The support and professionalism provided by the instructors add to the enjoyment of the students and peace of mind for the coordinator."
--Heather Burden 21st Century CLC Coordinator Sharpstown Middle School

"Read, Write, & Create took off with a bang at our school! I was lucky enough to meet Mercille Machaera at an after school vendor fair, and am glad I did!
Ms. Machaera has brought in excellent instructors, who bring high-energy and excitement to and with the program. The instructors and students have fun with the class while being professional.
One of the obstacles for high school after school programs is drawing students in. Ms. Machaera and her staff have shown great ingenuity in exciting our students and keeping them interested! The Read, Write, & Create team have created posters, recruited creatively at lunchtime, hosted receptions, and conducted a raffle -- all drawing a huge interest in the program.
Ms. Machaera is also keenly aware of the needs of providing documentation for grant reporting, and has been a great source of information pertaining to other available grants. Ms. Machaera and the rest of the Read, Write, & Create team are proving to be true partners while allowing our students to grow academically."
--Kim Purser 21st Century CLC Coordinator Reagan High School