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“My grandson would have never received the highest grade in class or won the math award without your program.”
--Grandparent, Houston, TX

“My daughter could not even write a sentence before your program. Now she is writing beautiful essays.”
--Mother, Houston, TX

“My son and daughter were absolutely helped by their tutor. Their grades improved. Their attitude towards school improved. Their belief in themselves improved.”
--Grandmother, Houston, TX

“I signed my son up with you because we signed my daughter up with you last year. She loved the activities and her grades improved.”
--Father, Del Rio, TX

“My son was having so much trouble with reading. He did not like reading and would not make enough effort in school. After he attended your program after school, his attitude towards reading changed completely. Now he begs me to take him to the library!”
--Mother Houston, TX

“I had tried several tutorial services and web sites without success. I could not give up on my son. I tried Read, Write, & Create and got results. They really turned around my son’s performance at school.”
--Mother, Houston, TX

“My son needed major help in math and language arts. He was in danger of failing his grade and being put back to repeat. He overcame his problems with Read, write, & Create. He got the help he needed.”
--Mother, Houston, TX

“I had signed up with several tutoring companies for my son. They did not help him. Read, Write, & Create provided my son with courteous and attentive help. He really made much more progress than I had expected. I was very pleasantly surprised by that.”
--Mother, Houston, TX