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Orbit is our educational magazine. Students who participate in our tutoring or school programs have the option to “get published.” Orbit has been published since 1996. Through Orbit, many students have been transformed into young authors. Orbit has been displayed in the Houston Public Library.

The poetry and essays published have been enjoyed by parents, teachers, and students. Students have made the Orbit themes complete with their inspiring writing.

“Getting published” helps a student enter a larger world of personal achievement. This social confidence in communication can help a child learn to work and live successfully in society.

Since 2006, Orbit has been available online. The online format makes it possible for children to share their writing more widely.

Learning and practicing good writing skills through real-world projects included in our classes takes achievement beyond the classroom. Good communication skills learned through hands-on publishable activities helps a child now and in the future.

We have noticed these benefits from students getting published in Orbit:

  • Improved reading, writing and creative skills
  • More interest in reading and writing in school and out of school
  • Improved spelling grammar and vocabulary
  • More effective self expression and an increase in self-esteem
  • Enhanced and improved social skills
  • More understanding of how to use ideas to solve problems and reach goals
  • Improvement in ability to communicate ideas clearly

*Only students who are enrolled in the Read, Write, & Create program may be published in Orbit with parental permission